Recruitment of Project Manager of Scientific Research by Jiangxi Copper Corporation
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Established ever since 1979, Jiangxi Copper Corporation has been growing into the largest manufacturer of cathode copper and a supplier of fully-equipped copper processing products in china. Jiangxi Copper Corporation is ranked at No. 354 in the Fortune Global 500 in 2015.
Research areas:
1.  New process, technology and equipment for mining, beneficiation and smelting 
    of nonferrous metals;
2.  New technology on safety and environmental protection for mining, beneficiation
    or smelting of nonferrous metal;.
3.  Market-promising down-stream processing technology for rare earth, precious  
    and rare metals;
4. Market-promising copper processing technology.
1.  Possessing significant research achievements according with company
   development strategy and with the prospect of industrialization. Candidates shall
   also have a forward-looking strategic vision and outstanding innovative resource
   integration capability;
2.  Being familiar with the technical status and equipment level of his field, and
    having keen insight and sound judgment on future developing trend of  
3.  High-end talent with extensive work experience in internationally famous
research institutions and enterprises and who has significant research  
achievements will be in priority.
A co-operative contract will be signed after recruitment, and the treatment is negotiable.
If you are interested, please kindly send your resume and project proposal to Contact person: Ms. He Shanshan, phone+86-791-88190322.
Address: JCC Industrial Park, No.1129 Gaoxin Avenue, Nanchang City 330096, Jiangxi, China
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